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Saturday March 23, 2019 • 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM • Westin Hotel in Downtown Jersey City, NJ

Success Doesn't Come Naturally... You Have to Work for it, you have to struggle for it, and you have to want it. Hear from New Jersey Investor and Developer, Joe Gorga and other expert panelist about what it takes to reach the top of your game.

A Powerhouse Lineup

Grow With Gorga™ brings together the leading minds in real estate investing, lending and developing for training, enlightenment, and motivation. Top performers who have used these proven methods to build their own wildly successful businesses lead each session and share the exact tactics that you will then implement into your own Real Estate business.

Business By Design

Grow With Gorga™ is designed to equip attendees with new perspectives, practical tools, and key takeaways that will enable you to enhance your business. You’ll learn from Real Estate investors, lenders, developers and other experts to create and implement new actions plans, and renew your passion and commitment to building the business and life you want.

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Maybe you inherited a home, perhaps you’re facing a foreclosure, or you have too many repairs to fix; regardless of your have a property that you need to sell. Pitch your deal to Joe and sell that property quickly and easily. When you partner with Joe, you get an investor who can sell your property in no time. Click the button below to pitch your deal.

A Message From The Gorgas

Fans of The Real Housewives of New Jersey know Joe Gorga as the sweet and loving husband of Melissa, but throughout New Jersey, he is better known as a real estate mogul and business entrepreneur. For over twenty years, Joe Gorga has been investing in and developing multi-million dollar properties, building an empire from humble beginnings.

Grow With Gorga attendees will hear about the life lessons Joe learned from his Italian immigrant family that have helped him to create success in his real estate business, his marriage and his life.

They will also hear from both Joe and Melissa on how they’ve managed to stay in love despite the temptations of celebrity life. Together they’ll share with attendees how they’ve remained true to the old-school Italian values they learned as kids, and how they’re passing those down to their own children.

What Joe ultimately will be teaching is how to develop significant relationships, how the lessons he’s learned in the reality TV world can be applied to anything, how to be the ultimate family man and how to turn any good idea into an empire.

This event is a must for anyone who wants to grow the way Joe Gorga has.

Joe and Melissa Gorga


A Powerhouse Lineup

Hear from the brightest minds that will transform the way you think about real estate.

  • Joe Gorga
    Joe Gorga
  • Melissa Gorga
    Melissa Gorga
  • Jonathan Steingraber
    Jonathan Steingraber
  • Michelle Pais
    Michelle Pais
  • Jeff VanNote
    Jeff VanNote
  • Lenny Hernandez
    Lenny Hernandez
  • Michael Santos
    Michael Santos
  • Michael Figler
    Michael Figler
  • Paul Oster
    Paul Oster
  • Ralph Dibugnara
    Ralph Dibugnara
  • Frank Dippold
    Frank Dippold
  • Anthony Rodia
    Anthony Rodia
  • David Hansel
    David Hansel

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Success Doesn't Come Naturally... You Have To Work For It, You Have To Struggle For It, And You Have To Want It. Hear From New Jersey Investor And Developer, Joe Gorga And Other Expert Panelist About What It Takes To Reach The Top Of Your Game.

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Reserve your seat for the ultimate success event Grow With Gorga.

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Joe Gorga

Joe Gorga is a real estate developer and entrepreneur. Starting at the age of nine, he began selling newspapers, learning early how to work with people and negotiate deals.

Today, he owns and develops multi-million dollar properties throughout New Jersey and also owns and manages apartment rentals. In addition to his three-decades working in real estate, Gorga is one of the stars of Bravo’s hit series, The Real Housewives of New Jersey, alongside his wife, Melissa. Joe and Melissa live in New Jersey with their three children.


Melissa Gorga

It’s all about family for sassy Italian Melissa Gorga, the star of Bravo’s hit show the Real Housewives of New Jersey. She and her husband Joe Gorga have been married for eight years. They have three beautiful children — Antonia, 7, Gino, 5, and Joey, 3.

Melissa has written her first book, Love Italian Style: The Secrets of My Hot and Happy Marriage, and has opened her store Envy by Melissa Gorga. Little Miss Everything (as Joe calls her) has a lot going on. It’s hard work juggling career(s) and kids, but Melissa makes it happen!


Jonathan Steingraber

Jon Steingraber is a highly sought out speaker and trainer on a variety of real estate topics and very well respected in the industry. If you’ve ever attended one of Jon’s 3 day conferences in which he speaks for about 30 hours you walk out feeling extremely energized with an increased sense of urgency to pursue your greatest goals and armed with the knowledge to do so. He has spoken in front of close to 100,000 people on stages all over the USA (40 states). He is highly sought out for his expertise in investing, raising private capital, commercial real estate, tax reduction strategies, investing in self-directed retirement accounts, finances, personal development, and more. Jon loves adding value, he’s been a source of inspiration and a endless source of knowledge for real estate investors and youth all around the country.

Michelle Pais

Named one of NJ’s most Powerful people in Real Estate by NJBIZ, Crowned the “Barbara Corcoran” of NJ by Bella Magazine, NJ Biz 40 Under 40 award winner, Circle of Excellence Multi-Platinum Award recipient, named one of “100 most influential Real Estate Agents” nationwide by Real Estate Executive Magazine, and Broker for THOUSANDS of sold homes, Michelle Pais excels at many facets of the real estate business. Michelle is the face and Founder of Signature Realty NJ and the Michelle Pais Group. Successful in the industry for 16 years, Michelle Pais is recognized as a “Power House” Broker, selling over $120,000,000 of real estate per year, more than many real estate offices combined.

Her passion for the business and strong work ethic coupled with her entrepreneurial ambitions led to the opening of Signature Realty NJ in 2010 at the young age of 30. Today she is recognized as the #1 broker in New Jersey for sold units on the Garden State MLS* and #1 in all of Union County for total sales volume on the Garden State MLS*.

Michelle’s firm, Signature Realty NJ, has gained distinction and prominence as an industry leader and is recognized as one of the top Real Estate Brokerages in New Jersey.

Jeff VanNote

Jeff VanNote began his mortgage lending career in December of 2007 at age 20. He transition from the division I college football into a collapsing real estate and mortgage market. He realized early on that relationship were the key to success and applying hard work, honesty and integrity into an industry that seemed to lack it would allow him to succeed quickly.

In 2016 he dropped the title “The Closer”, which he had been given in 2008 for closing some of the toughest loans New York City had ever seen, for a new title he created “The Mortgage Quarterback” which is a social media platform for education, accurate information and transparency for consumers. Jeff now lives in Jersey City, Nj, and is most proud to be the father of his 4 month old son, Jeffrey VanNote, JR.


Lenny Hernandez

A 20-Year Real Estate Investment Veteran and the Founder/CEO of Flipping NJ & FlipStarters

By 2003, he now had dozens of successful “Flips” under his belt and, like every individual that has the entrepreneurial blood running in their veins, he wondered if there was a less complex way of transferring property and still make a profit without the lengthy process of closing a contract, taking title and then entering into another contract only to endure another closing period. He found this new streamlined process by stumbling into his first “Wholesale” deal, a deal he structured with no money out of pocket and receiving a six-figure profit in less than 60 days!

This new strategy greatly boosted his capacity to complete Real Estate deals but there were only so many deals that could be found by the traditional means available at the time (MLS, door-knocking, etc). So, Lenny decided to give the Sheriff Sales a try in 2004 and by 2005 was successfully placing bids on several properties every month. Bids which he had figured out how to “Wholesale” to other investors. Business was booming.

Fast forward to February, 2017, and even more people curious to learn how to invest in Real Estate or how to take their investing business to the next level were still lining up to either intern for or pay Lenny for his time. This sparked the need for a new venture, a way to help others do what he was able to do. So the FlipStarters team was organized in order to help both seasoned and unseasoned investors. By creating a multi-process learning network, FlipStarters is able to help clients progress much more efficiently than other so-called “Gurus” or REI educational programs. FlipStarters members have direct access to all the same professional resources that Flipping NJ have, from Lenders to Attorneys to Contractors and Realtors. Members can also communicate freely with seasoned investors who provide critical feedback and deal analysis. Weekly FlipStarters meetings are held every Monday at Flipping NJ’s main office in Somerset, NJ.

Michael Santos

Michael is a well qualified, results-oriented Mortgage Loan Originator who has been in the industry since 2000 and has an intense passion for this business. In addition, he is also a licensed Real Estate instructor for continuing education since 2013. He believes in educating first and selling second. Home ownership, when executed properly, allows for a higher quality of life and he is proud to play a role in improving the lives of others. The mortgage process can be very complex and regulated. It should not be done with a bank that sees a borrower as another number. The transaction requires an expert with a great team behind them in order to keep things flowing smoothly. That expert is Michael and the team is MLB Residential Lending.

The way Michael does business is very simple. He measures twice and cuts once. Purchasing a home is one of the largest investments a person will make in his or her lifetime. Michael takes the time to meet with every one of his borrowers to learn their long-term and short-term goals and expectations. Every borrower is unique and he uses his expertise and knowledge to educate his borrowers on the process and caters a loan that best fits each borrower’s lifestyle. Communication is also vital to the way he does business. Michael and his team keep all of his borrowers up to date on a weekly basis making it possible to always hit their targets and goals.

Michael Figler

Michael Ray Figler is the CEO of Intra Capital Holdings, a diversified asset based investment firm which he formed in 2008, when deciding to jump into the Real Estate industry full time. Michael first started off flipping houses before starting ICH, while quickly becoming one of New jersey’s premiere real estate investors, eventually amassing a large holding portfolio, and building ancillary businesses surrounding servicing the Real Estate industry. During his years as CEO of Intra Capital Holdings, Michael has had the opportunity to develop projects that allowed him to create relationships and embark into other industries, including helping to develop publicly traded companies in the Biotechnology and Cannabis space. Michael now currently operating multiple companies in the real estate and holds a number of advisory board positions in various companies such as Diagnostic Lab Corp, One World Pharma, and a founding executive board member of the New Jersey Cannabusiness Assocation.

Paul Oster

Paul J. Oster is the CEO of Better Qualified, LLC, a limited liability company that specializes in business and consumer credit services. The company offers businesses and consumers solutions that include, but are not limited to, establishing lines of credit (personal/non-personal guarantees), analysis and consulting on business and consumer credit reports, establishing business credit scores, credit card approval processes, and identity theft protection.

Better Qualified works with over 100 business partners that are both public and privately held companies. The company has consulted for thousands of individuals and corporations on their credit ratings, operations, sales and business models. Oster has extensive knowledge and experience in finance, mortgages and insurance. 20 years of experience in the industry has given Mr. Oster great insight to develop custom programs for all of Better Qualified’s clients.

Ralph Dibugnara

Ralph DiBugnara has been at Residential Home Funding as Vice President of Retail Sales since May of 2011. During his time at RHF Ralph founded the Consumer Direct division, which was created to service RHF customers’ needs through a variety of affiliate programs that offer special values & discounts based around there profession and or association. The Consumer direct division has grown to service its clients in 13 states up and down the Northeast Coast under Ralph’s guidance.

Prior to joining RHF, Ralph was a Senior Vice President & National Branch Manager for ICG Home. Ralph joined ICG in 2008 and established the company’s first Consumer Direct branches in Pennsylvania, Arizona, Florida, California, Missouri, Ohio and Massachusetts. Prior to joining ICG he spent 7 years going from Loan Officer to VP Regional Manager for Deutsche Bank. At Deutsche Bank Ralph helped to build the Consumer Direct division from its infancy and managed the sales force and business development throughout the region. Ralph has spent over 15 years in the Consumer Direct mortgage model.

Frank Dippold

Chief Operating Officer and Managing Partner of America’s Mortgage Lender, Frank Dippold has closed over $1 billion dollars of residential loans in his career.

Having personally bought and sold 19 properties, Frank has a unique ability to speak to real estate investors about calculating proper yield and structure in the current market.

Frank is passionate about teaching realtors, homebuyers, and investors how to use real estate to get out of debt, create wealth, and build the American Dream for their families.


Anthony Rodia

Anthony is a 1st generation Italian Comedian born and raised in Westchester NY. He has always had a way of turning any situation into comedy!

Using Social Media as his platform, Anthony has exploded onto the Comedy scene out of nowhere, making quite a name for himself and building a large fan base.

He is known for his hilarious skits, song parodies, And his weekly “Road Rage Wednesday” using his popular character “Uncle Vinny”

Anthony is constantly writing new material and challenges himself to be funnier than he was yesterday. He is an energetic, theatrical, off the wall comedian who never holds back and always finds a way to relate to his audience. With his stories, accents and unique delivery, he is sure to have you falling out of your seat with laughter!

David Hansel

Bio Coming Soon…